Forget the coffee cup... try the Coffee Cone !!

Forget the coffee cup... try the Coffee Cone !!

Posted by Gavin Eales on Mar 16th 2018

Drinking coffee in cup is so last year ..

Take a waffle cone, coat it with Dutch chocolate, and pour in a latte. The result, #coffeeinacone, welcome to the world’s most Instagrammable coffee! The most innovative way to drink coffee... and the most delicious!  Irish coffee, bourbon coffee, Kahlua coffee... get imaginative! But make it extra special, and serve it in a cone !

 "I wanted to create something that would play on peoples nostalgia and childhood memories, coffee and ice cream was at the forefront of my visions," says creator Dayne Levinrad of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. "Whilst I was consulting for a coffee company in Brazil, I needed to create a product that would bring people through the door of a new concept coffee shop to create a buzz, the logical idea was to leverage off social media, and so Coffee in a Cone was born."

First comes the chocolate-coated cone. "It is always lined with a compound of different chocolates so that it doesn't leak," says Levinrad. A drizzle of white chocolate brightens it up. Then a barista carefully pours a cappuccino into the cone, complete with heart-shaped foam. Guests can also opt for a hot chocolate or matcha latte (above) and the shop is also starting to experiment with filling the cones with iced coffee. 

Voila! Meeting a friend or date for coffee has an all new meaning. "The Coffee in a Cone lasts for 10 minutes but it never lasts longer than 5 and we've never had a leak," says Levingrad.

There's always a line out the door for the treat and they're often sold out. "We have had over 20 million reach on the cone since we launched and even Jennifer Lopez shared it on her Facebook page," says Levingrad. "I am just so overwhelmed and so appreciate that a young guys from South Africa could create such a world wide viral product."

Next up: the original Coffee in a Cone may be coming to a coffee shop near you. "I had a feeling that the concept would be a big hit so I immediately patented and trademarked the concept for international distribution," says Levingrad.

In the meantime, imitators are beginning to pop up in Los Angeles......and Singapore, but no one seems to have mastered the cone like Levinrad. 

And now it is available in the USA... at last !!!

Place your order today and get ready to enjoy!