CoffeeShop Starter Pack (Incl. 99 x cones) - FREE Shipping

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Coffee Shop Starter Pack

Includes a box of 99 x Choc Coated Leak Proof Edible Wafer cones!

An essential starter pack for stockists to use for serving #CoffeeInACone products.

Use the branded merchandise to get your customers to buy #CoffeeInACone, and increase your foot traffic and sales.. putting more cash into your pocket.

Free Shipping in the USA

What the Starter Pack Contains


  • 2 x Paddle Spoons for waiters to take #CoffeeInACone to the table
  • 2 x size 4"x 9" Get It Here & How To Table Talkers with Acrylic holders
  • 1 x #CoffeeInACone Branded Cone Holder Stand
  • 2 x Measuring Glasses for the perfect shot
  • 1 x Airtight container to store #CoffeeInACone close to the Coffee Machine for service
  • 1 x "How to" Make #CoffeeInACone laminated instruction manual
  • 8 * Round table top stickers - #CoffeeInACone Available here
  • Buy this pack to get started and prepped to introduce this crowd pulling product to your location









Shipping sizes and weights

  • Actual storage bucket size is 12" x 12" x 9" inches and holds 12qt.
  • Shipping weight of the Starter Pack box is 48 oz, and shipping size is 12" x 12" x 12".
  • Shipping weight of the Box of 99 Cones is 16 lb / 256 oz and shipping size is 19" x 19"x 10"

 * Free Shipping is only for the 48 states of the USA, and excludes Hawaii and Alaska.



About the Edible Coffee Cups (Which Are Actually Cones):

  • 1 x #CoffeeInACone ChocCoated Waffle Cone Medium-Size 50g / 1.8 oz
  • Each cone will hold 70 ml / 2.4 fl Oz. of Volume
  • #CoffeeInACone ChocCoated Waffle Cones are the perfect size to use for service in your Cafe or Restaurant, Hosting your own dinner party or event.
  • Can also be used for #HotChocInACone and other exciting hot beverages that you can come up with.
  • Please follow the storage instructions provided in the carton to maintain the cones great quality.
  • Each ChocCoated Waffle Cone is handmade in South Africa using only the best ingredients. 

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