Cono Starter Kit (incl. box of 99 x Cones)

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Cono Starter Kit

Turnkey solution to enable you to serve the perfect CoffeeInACone every time!

Hassle free. Easy to use. Step-by-step process. No Training needed. Zero Waste. Great profit margin.

Recover the initial outlay with the profit you can make on your first box of cones!

The Cono® Range is an amazing Turnkey Solution for you to set up a “CoffeeInACone bar” with minimal effort. Easy as 1-2-3.

The Cono® Range is designed as a business-in-a-box, and enables anyone to serve a CoffeeInACone or a HotChocInACone with ease. The Starter Kit includes a Cono Milk Frother and 3 x powdered Cono Flavors, as well as some really cool in-store advertising items.

  • The cones will cost you $1.45 each, plus powders and milk, and this takes you to a total cost of $1.80 – then you can sell them for up to $5 each.
  • Shelf life of the cones is 6-8 months.
  • No espresso machine and no professional barista required.
  • Turnkey solution provided to give you all you need to serve the perfect CoffeeInACone every time!
  • 3 flavor options.

What's in the kit?

#CoffeeInACone starter kit                

1x   Airtight container for FOH storage                           

3x   Airtight powder storage containers

3x   Single Cone and Milk stands

5x   Glass refill jugs

5x   Table talkers and stands

1x   ConoFrother


#ConoFlavours - 1 kg bags (100 servings)

1x   Cappuccino

1x   Swiss Choc

1x   French Vanilla


#CoffeeInACone Carton

1x   99 Choc Coated Wafer cones

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Follow this simple process to make and enjoy the perfect cone:

  1. Pour 4 oz. milk into the milk frother
  2. Spoon 2 teaspoons of powder into the frother
  3. Run the frother until it stops, (this will heat the milk and mix the powder into the froth)
  4. Place the cone into the Cone Holder, and pour the milk into the cone, also fill up the Refill jug
  5. Add some chocolate sprinkles to make it look really awesome, and serve to the customer
  6. Customer will Drink the Cono drink, refill the cone and drink again
  7. Eat the cone
  8. Instagram the photo and share the experience on social media!




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