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A collection of the best photographs from around the web, of the The World's Most Instagrammable Coffee.

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#coffeeinacone is a concept developed by Dayne Levinrad to bring some much needed innovation and excitement into the coffee industry worldwide. Dayne mastered his Coffee skill in Australia for 4 years and has consulted in Brazil and America helping various Coffee shops develop products.

Coffeeinacone is exactly what the names says. You can have your coffee, either a Cappuccino or an Espresso in a chocolate coated Ice-Cream cone. The cone is coated in a special chocolate compound made from various types of cacao in order to make it leak-proof. Customers have around 10min to drink from the cone before all the chocolate melts.

Coffee-In-A-Cone launched in the USA in February of 2018... based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, this popular product is now available for purchase online.

Buy in boxes of 99 cones, and use it to sell more coffee, hot chocolate and so much more.

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