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What is #CoffeeInACone?

Coffee In A Cone is exactly what the names says. You can have your coffee, either a cappuccino or an espresso, in a chocolate coated ice-cream cone. The cone is coated in a special chocolate compound made from various types of cacao in order to make it leak-proof.

Coffee-holics have around 10 min to drink from the cone before all the chocolate melts.

Time it takes to drink: 10 minutes
Duration of side effects: Endless

Come experience the fun for yourself at a selected store near you...

How did it happen?

Chocolate is what helped you survive as a is what gets us through the day as an adult... so pair them together to make #CoffeeInACone.

Dayne Levinrad, renowned barista and coffee specialist, wanted to bring something new to the world of coffee, something that people could drink, eat, enjoy, and share on social media... so he paired coffee and chocolate together in a cone. 

You have got to do this...get a #CoffeeInACone, take a selfie, (don't worry, it wont melt... you have at least 10 minutes) and join the over 15 million interactions on social media... the world's most instagrammable coffee.

How do I get one?

Simply send us the name of your nearest coffee shop or restaurant and we will reach out to them to ensure they start selling it... (and tell them to check out

Personalize your artwork

Personalize your restaurant or coffee shop with a signature drink, in a #ChocolateCoatedWaffleCone...! 

 Make sure you utilize the 15 000 000 (and growing) #CoffeeInACone interactions on social media... get your customers to tag your location, and hashtag it with #CoffeeInACone.



What is the shelf life of a Coffee In A Cone?

A Coffee In A Cone will last about 6 to 8 months, and still be fresh. Each cone is individually wrapped in a sealed plastic wrapper, and this keeps it fresh.